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Since 2017 I have had the pleasure of connecting with many incredible couples. I want to be your friend first and your photographer second. I want to get to know you, your partner and the people you love. I've been fortunate to travel to many beautiful places from coast to coast with my couples and I am eternally grateful for. Anywhere in the northeast has been my favorite, very quaint and charming. I will go anywhere you want to bring me. 

Each year has brought change and now my work is focused less on the curating and more on being in the present capturing everything exactly how it is unfolding in front of me. Using a mix of film and digital cameras adds a different perspective to your day adding a dash of something that feels old and familiar yet something new and modern. 

The couples I love work with are more laid back, they love hard and would do anything for their significant other. These couples also enjoy forming a deeper connection, are stylish yet, true to themselves and still cherish a simple moment. Most importantly they just want to embrace whatever happens on their day and have fun with each other and all of their people.


Michael Joseph 

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